Hi Folks!

I am Sajeesh Nair, an Indian by birth, with a deep connection to my roots. Currently, I am residing in Malaysia and employed at a multinational insurance firm, where I work within the Information Security unit. My professional background boasts extensive expertise of over 20+ years in the field of IAM (Identity & Access Management) Operations. I am also a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA - ISACA - May 2019)

Outside of my professional life, I am passionate about motorcycling and proudly hold the title of a founding member of the India Bull Riders Motorcycle Club, one of the largest adventure and touring motorcycle riding communities in India.

In pursuit of my other interests, I embarked on a journey into web development. Through this endeavor, I have acquired a substantial knowledge base in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript concepts. I have also been actively involved in self-hosting CMS products for an extended period before delving into Static Site Generator (SSG) frameworks. Ever since that transition, my preferred stacks have been Hugo and Astro, seasoned with a touch of TailwindCSS.

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